Safe Intravenous Dental Sedation

Safe Intravenous Dental Sedation

We provide safe intravenous sedation in cases where patients feel that it will be helpful and useful.

Sedation can be very useful if:

  • you don't want to be aware of what's happening during a procedure and you want to be "out of it". In this case, IV sedation is the method of choice
  • you want a little help to relax - "laughing gas" can give you a pleasant relaxed feeling
  • you have a "gut feeling" that sedation would help you and allow you to get work done which otherwise you wouldn't be able to tolerate
  • your fear is procedure-specific (e. g. needles, extractions), especially if you know that the fear would still exist in the presence of an empathetic dentist and adequate pain-control
  • you perceive your fears to be completely irrational and not helped by either an empathetic dentist or psychological techniques
  • you have other mental health problems and you feel you'd benefit from sedation
  • your primary aim is "to get your teeth fixed" as quickly as possible, for example because you're very busy or you've got an important social event coming up
  • it's an invasive or unpleasant procedure such as more complex extractions

the case for sedation

The case for sedation can be summed up in one sentence: "If it helps, why not?" If you're going to have a treatment that will not be painful, but might be uncomfortable, why not consider having sedation as part of the course and forget that it ever even happened?


At Michael Kelly Dentistry in Glasgow the Quicksleeper is giving new hope to patients who dread the thought of a needle by offering a painless injection system.

We are using the innovative Quicksleeper system which instantly numbs teeth with a single painless injection.This has been a revelation for those who normally avoid treatment because of needle phobia along with regular patients.The Quicksleeper unit enables our dentists to deliver anaesthetic instantly, drop by drop directly to the spongy bone around the apex of the tooth.

As bone has no nerves, this is a painless process. As the local anaesthetic is instant, there is no waiting time. It speeds up your dental process and the time in the Dentist chair. Not only that, but as the area to be treated is directly targeted by the Quicksleeper, you won't get that 'fat lip and tongue' feeling often experienced with an injection.

Michael Kelly says, "This is really the kind of exciting new technology which dentists have been dreaming about for decades and we are pleased to offer this in the Glasgow area. We are always trying to bring the best available treatments to our patients."

No more thinking you can't have your treatment done because you're going for lunch; you can now accept treatment in your lunch hour with Michael Kelly Dentistry because using the Quicksleeper means no soft-tissue numbness and lunch is easy.

The effects of the anaesthesia will disappear in around 40 minutes and there is no uncomfortable after-effect. You will leave feeling that you have had a cutting-edge experience! The exciting thing about the Quicksleeper is that the next generation of patients will experience pain-free dentistry as a norm. More information is available on the Quicksleeper website.