Dental Implants in Glasgow

Dental Implants


In August we carried out a comprehensive full mouth implant restorative case as the first in Scotland using the 'ImplantPilot' system. Briefly it means a taking a CT scan which allows for very precise digital pre- planning of the surgery. The ImplantPilot procedure means no scalpels and no stitches and just like any keyhole surgery much quicker, less discomfort and better healing. The 'guided surgery' procedure means we can avoid bone grafting and place the implants precisely in their pre- planned position.

The system is exclusive to the Implantium implant brand and we are the nominated referral centre in Glasgow for this keyhole implant surgery.

Are they safe?

Dental implants have now been used for over thirty years to replace missing teeth and to help support loose dentures; they have a track record of success to the point where once fully restored, they are over ninety five percent successful.

The procedures to place implants are becoming simpler with quicker healing times to deliver the final result sooner.

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Technological advances in implant design and computer software in the practice allow for much more precise treatment planning, consequently with more predictable results.

All of these above reasons are why dental implants are becoming the treatment of choice where tooth replacement is required.

At Michael Kelly Dentistry we use the Biohorizons system which is possibly the most advanced, in terms of design and the flexibility allowed in treatment planning. When teeth are missing, always consider dental implants- the solution for the future.

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"Only a matter of weeks after losing a visible tooth I now have a permanent replacement implant crown and would not hesitate to have this treatment done again."

Mrs. S, Glasgow

"For many years my teeth in general had been failing and loosening due to gum disease. I was always a good attender at the dentist and hygienist but tooth loss was inevitable. Mr Kelly talked over replacing all my lower teeth with an implant supported bridge and I simply trusted him to get the result. A few months down the line and the new teeth feel like a real part of me and I am absolutely delighted that I made the decision to go ahead. The treatment was certainly no more difficult than routine dentistry and I feel much more confident with my eating, speaking and my appearance in general. Thanks to Michael and all of his staff for getting me such a great result."

Mrs. B, Perth

"The appearance of my teeth had really dented my confidence over the last few years and I had dreaded the thought of going to the dentist to face the horrible news that I might have to lose them. All the staffs at Michael Kelly Dentistry have made me feel really at ease over the period of treatment and I have grown to trust them fully. I looked at a full upper implant bridge as a positive step and trusted the dentist's judgement. At this stage , having finished all the treatment, I have had my appearance, my youth and my looks restored. Not to mention my confidence! I am really grateful for all the work that has been done so professionally. I would recommend dental implants and the team at MKD to anyone who has any fears of losing teeth."

JA, Glasgow

"I chose MKD as my dentist because in their advert they did not make any grandiose claims and as I am an intuitive person, I went to his practice and my theory was proved right. This is a dentist running a great practice like clock work. Appointments are taken exactly on the hour/minute as booked.
From the moment I sat in the chair to undergo the insertion of the implants I was not in the least apprehensive and the speed and efficiency of the procedure was truly amazing. So much so that I broke protocol and hugged my dentist!
Today I have a super set of top teeth and I'm the envy of my many friends. My quality of life has enhanced- it's wonderful. Anyone thinking of the same procedure should not hesitate.
Book MKD and you will have no regrets. I will be happy to tell anyone who should wish to ask me all about this life enhancing dental process."