CEREC Omnicam

CEREC Omnicam

The New CEREC Omnicam at Michael Kelly Dentistry

The practice has recently invested in a CEREC Omnicam, a ground breaking piece of technology that will help our dentist’s provide better services to patients. As one of the first practices in the UK to adopt this exciting new technology, we believe our patients will enjoy a more positive experience and faster, more efficient treatment as a result.

What is the Omnicam?

The CEREC Omnicam is a three dimensional camera that lets your dentist take images of your teeth with pinpoint accuracy. The images taken are fed into a computer, which then creates a 3D model of your teeth surfaces, allowing your dentist to quickly and easily plan treatments such as crowns, implants, smile alignments and restorations.

The second part of the machine is the milling machine. This machine can be used to manufacture customised tooth treatments, such as crowns, in just a couple of hours. Previously you would have had to bite into an impression material, which would then be sent off to the lab, in order for the technicians to make your crown or false teeth.

By cutting out the lab stage of the process, we can now make your crowns and other restorative fixtures in house and in a much quicker time than before.

In some cases we may even be able to make and fit your crown the same day as your initial consultation, giving you the benefits of faster tooth repairs. As well as this, the 3D modelling that the Omnicam performs means fittings are made with precision accuracy, leading to more comfortable, better fitting treatments all round.

What is the Omnicam used for?

The Omnicam will primarily benefit patients who have lost a tooth or a part of a tooth and require a false tooth, bridge, crown or other customised restoration to be made. However, in addition to this, the Omnicam will help your dentist to personalise a range of other services and plan other fixtures, fittings and treatments to your specific teeth. These include:

  • Metal free crowns
  • Veneers
  • Inlays
  • Onlays
  • Bridgework

The CEREC Omnicam produces full colour, three dimensional images of your teeth, which you will be able to view too, letting you see first-hand what needs doing in your mouth and helping you to understand the treatment plan you receive.

The benefits of the CEREC Omnicam at a glance

Some of the benefits our patients can now enjoy include:

  • Increased comfort: No more biting down on impression material or putty moulds when you need a restorative treatment
  • Faster treatments: 3D images are created in moments, and treatments can be milled in a matter of hours
  • More convenience: No need for temporary fittings and second appointments. Now you can be treated the same day