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The Summer Newsletter

Posted on July 14, 2016







Welcome to our Summer Newsletter!

We would hope all of our patients are well and that you are enjoying the longer days and the fairer weather. We would anticipate that many of you will be taking a well earned break from work or studies and possibly the opportunity to get away to guaranteed sunshine with family and friends.
We are always busy at this time of the year as we try to deliver final results on cosmetic or implants cases before holiday deadlines however there are always last minute niggles which patients are keen to have ironed out or simple reassurance sought that teeth will not break while enjoying the fun of Disneyland! Many patients apologise when they want advice but please be assured that we are more than happy to check out what may seem to be the most trivial of issues prior to a holiday. A moment's reassurance can make a holiday much more relaxing.
For our patients registered with Denplan please remember to take a note of your Denplan membership number which can be found either on your membership card or on any Denplan correspondence. There is an ' away from home' emergency number available to call for when a dental situation may arise and Denplan can point you in the direction of a dentist not far from where you are based for either a simple repair or something more complicated if the need arises. Contact details can be found on the web at www.denplancare/ patients.
There may be a charge for this service however a large percentage of it will be refunded on your return home so please retain any receipts.
Happy holidays!




Our routine practice opening hours have remained the same for a number of years and we feel it is a good time to consult with patients to see what can be done to improve access for treatment. Patients can already access the practice for treatment during all normal office hours including working later - until 7 pm on a Monday evening- and on most Saturday mornings. After discussion with a good number of patients on what could be done to allow dental care to be provided around busy school and work commitments it has been repeatedly mentioned that an EARLY start would be appreciated. 


Starting in July we shall therefore be implementing an early start every Friday -8am- and we will take appointments continuously until 3 pm. Although finishing sharper than before we will be available throughout the previously 'closed' lunch period and therefore we will be available for the same number of Friday  hours as before.


We are aware that this is an easy decision to make during the summer months when daylight is more generous early morning and this will be reviewed in three months to evaluate whether it is a popular decision.


We would encourage all patients to tell us whether there are any other changes which would might be helpful.







The toothbrush was invented by the Chinese in 1000 AD!





After many months of planning and hard training our dental associate Josh ran his first marathon in Edinburgh in May.
On what was a very warm day he surpassed his own expectations and completed the course in 3 hours and twenty seven minutes, pretty good for an athlete more suited to the rugby field than the athletics track!


Since joining the practice Josh has treated a couple of older patients who have unfortunately been faced with the challenge of Alzheimer's disease and this has made such an impression on him that he made the decision early on in his training to raise money through his efforts and some very kind donations for Alzheimer's Scotland.
Josh would like to extend a sincere thanks to all those who made a donation and is delighted to say that over one thousand pounds was raised.


Despite his momentous efforts you might all agree that he still looked pretty fresh upon completion of the course!






During the month of May Michael took the opportunity to spend some time doing further training with the renowned dental implant specialists the Agnini Brothers at their peerless Studio Agnini just outside Bologna in northern Italy. We already carry out many single tooth dental implant cases replacing one or two teeth and have completed multiple full mouth cases with great success. Spending time watching such accomplished dentists at work along with their expert technician allows so many hints and tips to be picked up which can be brought home to make our cases simpler and more successful.




The principal treatment being carried out was the replacement of all teeth in one day, a technique known as 'Teeth Express' or sometimes 'Same day teeth' where through careful planning, the use of dental implants and liaising with expert technicians patients can come in with their own failing teeth and leave with a new set of reliable fixed teeth in the same day, a truly remarkable concept.
We have successfully carried out this procedure for a number of patients in Netherlee and the feedback from them is fantastic.
Thanks goes to Andrea and Allesandro Agnini for their wonderful hospitality especially following the tour and presentation at the Ferrari factory in Maranello!




After completing a similar, albeit delayed procedure ( full mouth but not same day - immediate) just recently for patient Lawrence, he had this to say;


"In my early Forties I found myself in the unenviable situation where I was to have all my upper teeth extracted, in part due to Lifestyle and an injury to my face in adolescence causing me to lose part of one of my front teeth.
I Visited several Orthodontist/Dental Surgeons specialising in ‘Full Mouth Restorations’, all offered "All on Four" Hybrid Bridge Solutions for similar Cost.
I then visited Michael taking advantage of the Free First Consultation after continually hearing his advert on local radio (Initially only for the purpose of another opinion) and for reasons I can’t fully explain other than I felt more comfortable in his surgery and reassured of him and his manner (which is extremely friendly and reassuring), plus the fact he offered an "All on Six" Solution for the same ball park figure helped seal the deal.
Michael explained that there was a long road ahead, never giving an exact timeframe so as not to disappoint (after all no two cases are identical, and complications can and do arise in a small number of cases).
I had six implants placed around 5 weeks Post Extractions (Due to a Dry Socket in My Right Canine about a week or so later than planned) in the space of around 90mins.
After 8-10 weeks and surgically exposing the Implants from under the healed gums Michael commenced the post-surgical stage where impressions were taken and several Mockups were prepared - Test Fitted - before being returned for minor adjustments/fettling. This part of the process unfortunately is quite time consuming - yet necessary to ensure a good fit and aesthetic appearance in the End Product. 
The final test fit immediately felt just right though and clearly justified the time taken.
I was left feeling extremely happy during the wait for the Final Bridgework to be created and only at this point did allow myself to imagine eating all the things I had been unable to enjoy eating during the process.
After the Bridgework was inserted and Tightened to the necessary Torque everything felt extremely secure and snug and looks extremely authentic. I left Kelly Dentists that day extremely pleased with the end result and Immediately went for a McDonalds Breakfast on the way home.
I would highly recommend this type of treatment for those who find themselves in a similar position, and although the costs are high the alternative (with its long term negative effects both in business and personally in an emotional sense) outweighed this in my mind.
Thanks to All the staff at MKD for their assistance and welcoming manner - in Particular Michael and Sheila whom I have gotten to know very well in recent months."


Dental implant solutions can range from £1500-12000 depending upon the size of the case. Finance is available at the practice from 12-48 month terms. 







No two people have the same set of teeth!


They are just as individual to you as your fingerprint!




A simple illustration case this month of what we do at the practice beyond simple fillings and root canal treatment.
We can all take the appearance of our teeth for granted sometimes and rightly so, however when we look carefully sometimes we can see that over time our teeth can become worn, discoloured and out of line, as this lady did when she came in for consultation.

These are healthy teeth and cause no discomfort and are quite acceptable but when your are the bride or groom looking forward to the big day, for example, all aspects of appearance are under scrutiny!
After careful consultation about what was not pleasing to the eye and what could be realistically expected it was decided to do some 'fine tuning' by way of reshaping and improving colour and profile using 'dental bonding'.
Not a new concept but one which is relatively simple and inexpensive while also deliverable in a single appointment, bonding is fast becoming a popular treatment concept.
Under local anaesthetic a little adjustment is made to the surface of the teeth which following some precise chemical treatment then receive a bonded layer of high quality aesthetic resin. This is then carefully shaped and exhaustively polished until the desired shape and degree of lustre is achieved.







Another patient who was delighted with the results.
This is a simple and cost effective alternative to ceramic dental veneers. If you are interested to know about how bonding or veneers can help you please call or ask at your next appointment.




It seems a little premature to mention however the reality is that come mid-August children will be back to school and for some that may mean back to contact sports.
Remember that a good mouth guard is now mandatory at some schools for football rugby and hockey and while it is not practical to spend a huge amount so frequently on professionally fitted versions when a growing child's mouth is constantly changing it is advisable to even purchase over the counter versions.
As a child grows and their mouths stop changing it is then worth investing in a professionally fitted mouth guard which we can provide in almost any combination of colours with a starting price of £60.






As always we would appreciate your cooperation with all the usual housekeeping needed to run the practice efficiently and ultimately to your benefit.


Please update you contact details if you have not done so already, including landline number, mobile number and email address.


Please tell the team of any changes to your medical history whether something has changed or you are taking new medication.


Please give as much notice as possible if you have to reschedule an appointment.

Cancellation charges are discretionary but we would obviously rather not charge for something if it is avoidable. 




We a hope you all have a happy and peaceful summer and look forward to seeing you in the near future!

From all at Michael Kelly Dentistry