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January Newsletter

Posted on January 31, 2017





This year we mark the milestone of 21 years of Michael Kelly Dentistry in Netherlee taking over from our previous dentist on the same site in 1996.


Reflecting on that time we have seen patients from Netherlee primary school grow up to have children of their own whilst the team has also grown with two dentists and two hygienists and our team of supporting nurses.

Our site in Netherlee puts us at the very heart of the community along with other long standing businesses such as the Derby Cafe and Gordon Brown the butcher, and while the premises we are in does have size constraints we have endeavoured to push on and offer a full range of treatments which might otherwise only be offered at larger multi-surgery practices.

So as we move into 2017 we are delighted to bring the long awaited news that in April we expect to close at 667 Clarkston Road and reopen at 741, the much more spacious former RBS property further up Clarkston Road.

We have craved a move to larger but local premises for many years so look forward with great excitement as we take the blank canvas of the new premises and look to create a welcoming and ergonomic space where there will be more room for families, more privacy for patients and the chance to create an inspiring working environment which you and your families can enjoy visiting.

Of course we will keep you updated with progress as the site develops and warmly welcome any suggestions which can be incorporated to improve your patient journey.





Children's dentistry at MKD

Our proximity to the primary school and  the number of young families in the area means that we have many young people registered with us. Children make up the foundation of the practice and we really do appreciate the trust which you put in us to look after them. Looking after your children's teeth requires a multi disciplinary approach. From the age of birth we see baby teeth erupting, sometimes periods of dental decay, followed by slow tooth loss and replacement with adult teeth and finally orthodontic assessment and treatment where necessary until the full set of teeth are established by the time of leaving school.

So what do we do?


Infant and early school years.

We closely follow the guidance set out in the Childsmile Scotland programme to provide the best start to a decay-free mouth. This will firstly involve advice to parents and children on best diet, to include what the safest snacks are, while secondly emphasising the most appropriate cleaning, specifically toothbrushing and the correct brush and paste to use. And thirdly we will also apply a safe and beneficial fluoride varnish to the vulnerable surfaces of the teeth to further help prevent decay.  In some cases we will also prescribe a stronger but safe daily fluoride toothpaste, and this can also go a long way to reducing decay.

These are the steps which you should recognise when your child is at the practice and will for the foreseeable future be dentist-led.


Ages 6-teenage.

The preventive approach continues as children get close to and reach teenage years and beyond as we continue to impress the benefits of a sensible diet along with good oral hygiene. Fluoride toothpaste may be prescribed and fluoride varnish applied to areas at risk of decay.

Along with decay prevention we also closely monitor the development of the adult teeth and pre-assess before referring on to our local orthodontist, where necessary for further assessment and treatment with a view to a straight and healthy set of teeth.

A beautiful confident smile is built on straight healthy teeth so we will always strive to get orthodontic treatment carried out for your child when we feel there will be a benefit.


Older teenagers

As children become adults we hope that we have helped foster good dental habits for life  i.e. brushing, sensible diet and routine preventive visits to the practice.

We continue to treat and register all patients up to the age of eighteen  free of charge on the NHS offering private options such as cosmetic alternatives when requested. 






8bd7c47c-e416-40c9-b235-edb2ceb48360.png adult tooth is knocked out!


If an adult tooth has been knocked out of the mouth and is in one piece and the correct emergency treatment is obtained the chances are that the tooth can be successfully replanted and last for many years. Adult teeth only.


Here's what you should do:


1. Find the tooth as quickly as possible handling it only by the crown, not the root.

2. If it is not visibly clean rinse gently with water- do not rub or scrub the tooth.

Do not use soap or bleach

Do not place in a hankie or tissue

Do not dry the tooth

3. Keep it wet or moist- it can be placed in cow's milk or in the mouth beside the cheek.

4. Replace the tooth in the socket- firstly ensure the tooth is the right way round and gently push it back in until fully aligned with its neighbour.

5. See your emergency dentist within the hour.

Following the above guidance gives a good chance of successfully keeping the tooth and long term the dentist will monitor to see if the tooth remains healthy.





It is with great pleasure that we welcome back Linda our practice manager at the start of the year. Linda has had a busy maternity break looking after her new addition Ross and we are delighted that she returns with more energy than ever to help manage the our practice in Netherlee and our sister practices in Pollok and Westwood in East Kilbride.




New dentist


As a nominated training practice for new dental graduates we at MKD have taken on a new dentist each year for the past eight years and we thank you for your patience when the annual change takes place. In August 2016 Mathew McPhee started with us following five years in Dundee and has fitted in very well with his easy and confident manner. Nothing is too much trouble for Mathew as he has great enthusiasm and a good rapport with his patients.



We are delighted that Mathew has agreed to continue as an associate dentist following his initial year giving us greater continuity as we move to our new location.Mathew's list is currently open to all new patients and is happy to see new patients on an NHS basis.





Tooth whitening..... the latest great value product


We were recently lucky enough to obtain a supply of the latest safe professional tooth whitening kits for use at home, a comprehensive kit which principally uses peroxide containing whitening strips and which also comes with an ingenious whitening toothpaste and brush to allow you to maintain your good work. Available only from the practice over the counter at just £75 why not come in and pick one up while stocks are available.






We hope that you have found benefit from our new opening hours on a Friday where we start earlier-8am- and continue working straight through until 3.30. We try to be flexible to allow you to come in before or after work to allow for minimum disruption to your day.


All other days remain as below.

Monday 9-1  2-7
Tuesday 9-1  2-6
Wednesday 9-1  2-6
Thursday 9-1  2-6
Friday 8-3.30
Saturday 9-1


We hope in future to be able to offer online appointment booking through the website so please watch this space....




We thank all our patients for their continued support, and ask you to refer friends and family so that we can continue to offer the latest dental services to Netherlee and the Southside.

From all at Michael Kelly Dentistry.