"I chose MKD as my dentist because in his ad, he did not make any grandiose claims and as I am an intuitive person I went to his practise and my theory was proved right. This is a dentist running a great practise like clock work. Appointments are taken exactly on the hour /minute as booked."


"From the moment I sat in the chair to undergo the insertion of the implants I was not in the least apprehensive and the speed and efficiency of the procedure was truly amazing so much so that i broke protocol and hugged my Dentist!"


"To day I have a super set of teeth (topset) and e the envy of my many friends . My quality of life is so enhanced its wonderful. Anyone thinking of the same proceedure should not hesitate."


"Book MKD and you will have no regrets.I will be happy to tell anyone who should wish to ask me all about this life enhancing dental process."




"I am more than happy to provide a testimony for the Somnowell device. I have been wearing it for a few months now and can't sleep without it. After the first couple of times wearing it, it becomes a normal part of the bedtime routine to put it in before going to sleep."


"I now get a good night sleep and don't wake up feeling tired or feel the need to have a nap in the afternoon. I've had surgery (twice), once at great expense having laser surgery on my throat which was extremely painful and did not work in the slightest."


"The Somnowell device is pain free and the best purchase I have ever made. I tried the plastic devices and although they gave me a better sleep, they are uncomfortable and do not last long."


"I would recommend this device to anyone, the difference in how you (and your partner) feel every day is incredible."


"Well worth the money."




"My name is Elaine and i have been looking to have something done to give my front teeth a whiter more uniform appearance and generally a better improvement to my smile. I spoke to my previous Dentist and he could not offer anything that sounded attractive."


"Michael Kelly Dentistry is local to where i live so i arranged a consultation appointment which i was told would be free of charge."


"At the consultation appointment we discussed the option available to create the result i was keen to acheive. The computer software illustrated the options and the dentist talked me through everything. With regards to veneers and crowns there are many options available and between the dentist and i we agreed that for aesthetics and my budget composite bonding and reshaping was ideal."


"At the appointment when the work was done the dentist was a great support and assured me that the treatment would be painless and it was. The staff were all great and afterwards gave me excellent advice and were more than helpful."


"A follow up appointment was made to do some final finishing and ensure everything was to my satisfaction. I needn't have bothered - everything was perfect."


"I am now extremley happy with the results of my composite bonding work and have joined Michael Kelly Dentistry for all my ongoing routine appointments."


"I would recommend Michael Kelly and his staff to anyone whatever treatment you require as everyone put me at ease and delivered on their promises."




"Having been reluctant (due to the size of the job) to have my crooked, uneven front crowns replaced which had been poorly fitted by previous dentists, it took just 2 visits to Michael Kelly within 2 weeks and my new crowns were all fitted painlessly and effortlessly in time for my Christmas party."


"I was consulted and advised by Michael Kelly and his professional, considerate staff during the whole process who went out of their way to get my appointments in quickly. The results were amazing and I have had endless compliments on my new straighter, brighter smile and how great my teeth look."


"A big thank you to Michael Kelly and his team - I only wish that I'd had them done years before!"


"Thanks again for all your help and I will see you on Monday for my regular check-up.




"I had been wanting to really transform my smile, give it that wow factor, and knew that veneers or crowns would probably be the answer. I did a great deal of research and was recommended to Michael Kelly Dentistry, on Clarkston Road on the south side of Glasgow."


"The dentist was attentive at the initial consultation and took on board what I was keen to achieve. With the help of a wax up of the proposed new teeth I could envisage my new 'virtual' smile."


"The transformation has been truly fantastic and the team at Michael Kelly Dentistry have been caring and helpful throughout. Thank you for helping me achieve the fantastic result, which has exceeded my expectations. I continually receive compliments on my new smile which has really boosted my confidence, I just wish I had this done years ago."


"I would have no hesitation in recommending Michael Kelly Dentistry to anyone for their dental care."




"The best thing about my new smile is receiving so many compliments and the resultant confidence boost!"


"The fact that I have chosen to remain with the practice for future dental care speaks for itself. The team at MKD are so professional and friendly and I can't believe how lucky I am to have such a good dental practice almost on my door step! Hope I was a good patient!"




"I was desperately needing my teeth whitened for my wedding the following day- I googled Britesmile, I'd heard it was the best system, and Michael Kelly Dentistry was the top result."


"So I called the practice and the kind receptionist got me fitted in that afternoon. A really relaxing hour and then to my relief my teeth were as white as the densist said they would be - they are brilliant. Thank you all at Michael Kelly Dentistry for seeing me so quickly- I am over the moon with my brilliant white smile."




"Can't thank you enough for my beautiful new teeth! Literally transformed in a few hours. Changed my face and my confidence. I have a fabulous smile which I'm proud to show off. Thank you so much!"




"I would just like to say a huge thank you to Michael Kelly dentist for the caring treatment I have had over the past couple of months & giving me my confidence back with a fantastic new smile.

p.s.   Still Smiling!"

Tracy, cosmetic patient



"Having broken two of my front teeth I was in despair. My confidence levels plummeted. Having always been nervous of “the dentist” from childhood, I set about what felt like a marathon.

However, it was not to be. In a matter of a few months I underwent both implant surgery and a post replacement. The staff always made me feel at ease and were always approachable- which is such a relief for a nervous patient such as me.

All stages were carried out professionally and with as little discomfort as possible and I was always aware of what was going on- my personal choice.

In the end to say I am delighted is an understatement. I have teeth I can proudly smile about!"

DEBBIE HASHIM, implant patient



Janice from Newlands, a patient of many years at the practice sums up her experience with paying for her treatment through Denplan:

"I've been with Denplan at Michael Kelly Dentistry for eight years and love the security of knowing my teeth will be looked after regularly for a fixed monthly fee. It takes the stress out of having unplanned costs if an emergency arises. It's like having an insurance policy for your car. I smile a lot so looking after my teeth is very important and knowing how much my monthly payments are helps me to keep in control of my dental costs."


Janice, returning PATIENT



Conor  from East Kilbride a new patient to the practice sums up his experience having dental implants.

 I required dental implants as a result of losing my teeth due to injury.  I was recommended to Michael Kelly by a family member dentist.  From the first visit I felt I was in the right place and was given plenty of information regarding the treatment before signing up. The level of service received was outstanding throughout what was a lengthy procedure over a number of months.  I am delighted with the outcome and extremely grateful.  I would happily recommend Michael to friends and family with no hesitation.  I am now able to go about day to day activities normally again without feeling self conscious.

conor, new PATIENT



"Following 24 years of what i would describe as misdiagnosis, mistreatment and misinformation from no fewer than 5 separate dentists, I had almost decided to give up on my hopes of one day having a healthy looking smile.

Michael was highly recommended by a friend and within one consultation, I was given a list of options that we could explore and was explained the potential benefits and risks associated.

By the end of the consultation, we had decided on the correct course of action and had scheduled in the necessary appointments.

I was concerned about timing because I have a hectic work schedule and study law at night school, however Michael was extremely flexible and offers appointments on Monday evening which I found really helpful.

Like may, I was worried in the days leading up to the first procedure and wasn't sure what to expect, but upon arrival you are instantly made to feel at ease by the receptionists and nurses and it is a stress free environment. I was not worried at all for the second appointment.

I fell that a major understated benefit of the clinic is the location, as it is out of the city centre. When I was doing research to find the right clinic, I couldn't imagine anything worse than navigating through the city centre, desperately trying to find parking and rushing in to an appointment, only to come out and face the same chaos.

The outcome was better than I could have hoped for and I now have a healthy looking smile which is both functionally and aesthetically brilliant."


John-Paul, patient



"I am pleased to say that I am delighted with the dentistry work that has been carried out by Mr Kelly. The problem for me was that root canal work that had been done several years previously had now started to cause problems for me and had to be removed along with Bridge Work and since I am unable to have dental plates it became apparent that implants were the only alternative.


I am more than happy to state that from the very first appointment with the practice, everyone was very understanding and patient to all of my needs.  Mr Kelly has performed, in my opinion, a first rate job and the result has made me very happy.  I can recommend Mr Kelly and his staff to anyone."


JAMES copland, new dental implants PATIENT